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Self-leadership has become an essential skill that is learnt but not mastered as it takes time and discipline. What would change if individuals are able to switch on their most effective performance when managing oneself & others. What results would change for you and your company? In today's world, we understand the importance of installing the right programs starting with the individual. When every individual can program themselves to tap into the leader within, the best of their time and resourcefulness brings out their best potential.

Delivery Method and Programmes Offered

You can choose any method of learning that you want.

Virtual Instructor-Led Training(VILT) Programmes

Online trainings conducted via Zoom led by an Instructor.

“Set Yourself Free is an empowering active reflection workshop. Participants will learn 10 Principles to break out of their personal prison through an insightful journey of learning from a personal story. This program is suitable for individuals who need a leg up in their motivation and who will benefit from letting go of any hindrance for their self-development, particularly in today’s evolving landscape. The program touches on 10 key principles that include how to choose your response, understand there is no “”there”” and to stop Why-ning and start doing. “
  • Recognize ways to let go of old emotions & to serve better
  • Learn ways to accept circumstances and be resilient
  • Exercise the power of choice and response
  • Use techniques to move forward and lead by example
  • Individuals
  • Team Leaders
  • Managers
  • DAY 1
  • Module 1: The Story
  • Module 2: Forgive & Serve
  • Module 3: Perserverance & Acceptance
  • Module 4: Choose Your Response, Lead by Example
  • Module 5: This is sufficient & This is longterm
  • Module 6: Stop Why-ning & Start Doing
  • “This program is about developing stronger interpersonal communication skills at the workplace. The program aims to create self-awareness and appreciation for other communication styles. What normally stands in the way of things getting done is behaviour and personalities. By understanding the 4 key behavioural styles, participants are able to recognize their own needs and preferred communication styles and those of others. Participants will learn techniques to improve their interpersonal skills and grow better relationships to create a strong foundation tor workplace communication. “
  • Understand the details of interpersonal communication
  • Recognize different communication styles
  • Use techniques to communicate to get through to the other person
  • Build strong relationships at the workplace
  • Individuals
  • Team Leaders
  • Managers
  • DAY 1
  • Module 1: Interpersonal Communication – What’s in it for me?
  • Module 2: Tools to build relationships
  • Module 3: Communication and Behavioural Styles
  • Practice & Application Module
  • The Leader Within program is suited for new team leaders and aims to create conversations with the participant to frame the role and impact of leadership and self-leadership. The objective is to develop and trigger conversations in order to develop their confidence and potential as new leaders.
  • Adopt the mindset & self-confidence required to be a leader
  • Recognize ways to grow circle of influence and serve as a leader
  • Charge up inner drive & self-discipline as a leader
  • Overcome limiting beliefs & the fear of leading
  • Individuals
  • New Leaders
  • DAY 1
    • Module 1: Mindset of a Leader
    • Module 2: Levels of Leadership
    • Module 3: Limiting Beliefs & Growth
    “Based on landmark theories of leadership, this program dives into the heart of leadership, showing that true leadership has very little to do with position, or the perks that come with it. In this interactive workshop, we breakdown what it takes to become a leader that people want to follow; one that captures the hearts, minds and actions of his or her followers. Leadership, is about who you become, not what you’re given. This program examines two keys: self-development – how to fine tune your actions and attitudes to strengthen your leadership attributes, .and people development – how to move and develop your people. It covers the ten crucial areas of leadership (influence, priorities, integrity, creating positive change, problem solving, attitude, people, vision, self-discipline, and staff development). “
  • Recognize ways to move forward as a leader
  • Understand the key to leadership is in self-development
  • Use key factors to craft the right image & behaviour as a leader
  • Identify and use methods to grow & develop people
  • Individuals
  • Team Leaders
  • Managers
  • DAY 1
  • Module 1: Leading the Way Forward
  • Module 2: The Definition & Key to Leadership
  • Module 3: The Most Important Ingredient of Leadership
  • DAY 2
  • Module 4: The Ultimate Test of Leadership
  • Module 5: The Quickest Way to Gain Leadership
  • Module 6: The Price-Tag of Self-Leadership
  • “Communication Impact is about developing impactful conversations at the workplace. How work gets done and how messages are perceived depend heavily on how messages are communicated. Often times, communication tools are overlooked and emotions get in the way of understanding. What communication is required at the workplace? This program takes on 3 essential workplace conversation types and builds on strong interpersonal communication. “
  • Understand the importance of 2-way communication
  • Build on interpersonal relationships to find similarities and differences
  • Appreciate diversity of communication behaviours
  • Apply conversation tools for better clarity, direction and feedback.
  • Individuals
  • Team Leaders
  • Managers
  • DAY 1
  • Module 1: Communicate with Impact
  • Module 2: Aligning Communication & My Goals
  • Module 3: Behavioural Styles & Communication Impact
  • DAY 2
  • Module 4: Key Workplace Conversations
  • Module 5: Conversations for Clarity & Direction
  • Module 6: Conversations for Feedback
  • Practice & Application Module
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