Unorthodox Sales Professional

Unorthodox Sales Professional

Are you feeling frustrated with your sales and thinking about quitting? Sales professionals are very set in their ways of approaching sales. It is very easy for them to anchor themselves to one common approach and uses it for all sales situations. At times it works, at times it doesn’t. Thus, the question to ask is HOW can we make sales success consistent?

The word unorthodox means unconventional or nonconformist. The purpose of this program is to help sales professionals understand the customers and preferred mode of communication, their products or services and the buying and selling process so that they can manage their sales approach according to their customers. This program aims to provide add-on tools to sales methods in order to increase the consistency of success.

The learning is really in the classroom where we will explore possible scenarios and tackle issues through sharing of academic theories, case studies, participants’ experiences and role play. The learning gained will equipped you with methods proven by you and your fellow course mates.

Course Outline


What am I buying?

Understanding Your Sales Approach

WOW Your Customers

Presenting A Recommendation

Closing The Sales

Sales Planning


Who should attend?

This program is targeted at new recruits in sales or sales professionals with less than 3 years of sales experience. This program is developed to enhance their knowledge, explore new methods and improve selling skills.

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