Sales Leadership

Sales Leadership

During times of economic uncertainties, companies will resort to boosting their sales operations to try capture more market share. However, running a successful sales department requires a special touch and technique. Sales Personnel have a certain uniqueness in them. Managing one such person can be challenging, not to mention many of them!

In most cases, high-performing salespeople have strong personalities. They are whom people describes as social and verbally aggressive. They’re optimistic, good persuaders, visionaries of the big picture, people-oriented, and team-oriented. They have positive attitude and tend to be powerful and authoritative. The very traits that make them so great at sales but traits that present difficulties for managers who leads them.

This program seeks to help managers of sales personnel to develop leadership skills in managing these individuals.

Course Outline


Building The Team

Building The Individual

Effective Communication

Creating a positive and motivating work environment


Who should attend?

This program is designed for Sales Managers.

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