Project Management Intermediate

Project Management Intermediate

We shall use the Fun-based Adult experiential training concept while  conducting this training. In an adult experiential learning environment, the  method must convey the content, keeping the focus, generate interest and  excitement throughout the training, allow learning success, by using  participants own problems faced in their projects, apply learning on the job and  to help participants solve real-world problems rather than a theory and  educationist concept of teaching.

We provide varieties during the training, which includes quizzes, rewards,  critics, group discussions, and variety of mind-stimulating games relevant to  the subject being taught. This allows the participants to “experience” the  subject, rather than just viewing the powerpoint presentation slides. In  addition, participants will be able to relate their learning to their respective work  at the end of each subject taught.

3 Days Program

Course Outline

Day 1

Session 1

General Introduction

Introduction to Project Management

Session 2

Commencing a Project

Managing Project Scope

Session 3  & 4

Project Scheduling and Cost Estimation

Day 2

Session 1

Project Resource Management

Session 2

Risk Management

Session 3  & 4

Communications and Stakeholder Management

Day 3

Session 1

Integration Management

Session 2

Project Management Skills

Session 3 & 4

Managing Project Team


Who should take the course?

  1. Project Managers
  2. Project Executives
  3. Project Team members
  4. Senior Managers Project Mgmt Office / Head of Dept

2 Days Program

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