New Manager’s Programme

New Manager’s Programme

A successful leader requires skills to fostering teamwork at all levels. This leader can align individuals behind a single vision and strategy—and turn the ship when it’s time for a new direction. The program will enhance your ability to overcome organizational challenges, build the right team, embrace change, and drive company performance.

To become a great leader, one must find their inner compass. Learn how to develop a leadership approach driven by values and principles. This program prompts participants to explore their own motivations, ethics, and leadership style. Encouraged by a frank, confidential exchange with peers, participants will learn how to become a more confident, trusted, and capable leader who can also develop authentic leadership in others.

Course Outline


Am I a Leader or a Boss?

Building The Individual

Effective Communication

Building teams

Creating a positive and motivating work environment


Who should attend?

This program is designed for People Managers.

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