Employee Insurance System (EIS)

Training worth upto RM4,000.


Get Paid While You Train

Receive up to 6 months of training at a maximum cost of RM4000

Financial incentive paid to training recipients to encourage them to attend all their training sessions at a rate of RM10 (minimum) – RM20 (maximum) per training day

Get Paid Even When You Are Unemployed

A financial allowance for those who have lost their one and only job (JSA). Successful applications will be paid a monthly allowance for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 6 months at the rates based on the Assumed Monthly Wages

Applications are required to prove that they are actively seeking jobs to receive subsequent installments.

A financial allowance for those who have multiple jobs and have lost at least one, but not all, of their jobs (RIA). This is paid in lump sum. Rates are based similar to JSA.

Job Placement Platform Available

Insured Persons who are registered with the Re-Employment Placement Program will receive one-on-one support from a SOCSO Employment Services Officer.

Free Consultation for Your Future

A counseling service by SOCSO Employment Services Officers that aims to identify problems, such as a skills gap, that Insured Persons may face when deciding on a future career.


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