Dr Keeratpal


Chief Data Scientist of Axiata

Dr. Keeratpal Singh, PhD in Electrical, Electronics and System Engineering, with 20 years of experience in telecommunications, software development for mobile and development of analytic solutions. As a principal data scientist, he has designed algorithm for simulating predictive and prescriptive analytics, incorporated statistical libraries such as time forecasting for big data processing (processing HDFS stored data and visualizing the result of billion rows within seconds in MIMOS’s cloud) as part of software development for Business Intelligent Solution.

He has worked as a research consultant for Philips Consumer Electronics (USA), managed regional radio and network operations for Celcom (Malaysia), and was previously Chief Technology Officer for international organizations that provided mobile applications, developed interactive television platform and content aggregation platform.

In recent years he had contributed international journals, presented research papers in engineering and usage of technology for crime prevention, filed three patents pertaining to mobile enterprise platform, public safety and big data processing, obtained LTE certification and was awarded gold medal for invention in the area of location-based services.

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